Costa Rica For Hammocks, Treehouses & Wildlife Galore

costa rica meg - Costa Rica For Hammocks, Treehouses & Wildlife Galore

Costa Rica For Hammocks, Treehouses & Wildlife Galore

After a month stay, I’m back from Costa Rica and truth be told, I’m having such a fun time going through all my photos, from treehouses to hammocks and magical beauty with all of its amazing wildlife and nature. Treehouses are the things that Disney dreams are made of, so of course I wanted to stay at one during my trip. Whether you’re a pro on treehouses and treehouse community culture or a complete novice like I was to treehouses, here’s a beginner’s guide of what to expect.

Speaking of trails, Finca Bellavista had several among the treehouses. Our house was located near basecamp – where the front desk area, dining area and community center is located. So, to reach the trailheads, you have to pass a hanging bridge. This was probably my favorite part of every morning if I’m being totally honest. But who can blame me?

The first thing to note about treehouses, and this finca in particular, is that ankle high boots are required. Why? Well, don’t let this scare you but there are some poisonous snakes hanging around. Didn’t pack any? No worries! There are about two dozen free rentals available near the front desk.

At Finca Bellavista, there were three main trails: the “green” trail that weaves through lush vegetation, an “orange” trail that connects to the green trail and the “red” trail that features a more pebble road terrain. Since some of the trails are longer than others, it’s a good idea to use the buddy system.!

That’s right; there’s nothing wrong with vegging out for the afternoon. I really like that it rains in the afternoons (and nights) in this area of Costa Rica because I didn’t feel guilty for staying inside, catching up on a good book. I tend to have a go-go-go mentality anywhere I travel, and this is something I’m trying to change because I’m learning that I really enjoy taking things slow and not having FOMO – easier said than done, I know!

Treehouses differ. I stayed in Casa Estrella, which is one of the larger, fancier treehouses. It’s located right by basecamp, making it super convenient for meals and happy hour. There’s also wifi and electricity, unlike other homes and treehouses.

The treehouses are a lot more spacious than I anticipated; two levels, two balconies, two bedrooms and one bathroom. I really enjoyed lazily laying on the hammock on the main floor, reading a book and listening to birds chirping.

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